Chef Felix is a genius when it comes to creating sublime, artful dishes out of the most simple, fresh, and clean ingredients.
Left hand up in the air
Eyes closed
Slight head tilt down
Sunday “praise the lord” church grunt, or is it a hum
Gentle sway of the head from side to side

So. Freaking. Amazing. Like a unicorn kind of amazing. It’s truly a treat to dine here.
— Clara G.
It was absolutely delicious. I really don’t know what Chef Felix’s secret is or what he puts in his food, but KEEP DOING IT!

My friend was so impressed, we’re going back again this weekend! :)
— Ivy W.
The colorful umbrellas, the delicious drinks and more importantly the yummy food were all on point. They were even playing the jams!!
— Maribel P.